My thoughts on PokemonGO Live in the UK (At last)

This morning all my other plans were thrown out of the window as PokemonGO was finally launched in the UK. (I have been waiting and waiting -trying not to cave to the walkaround ) I sat holding my phone excitedly as I downloaded the app and created my character. then I went for a walk around the block, so that I could have Pikachu as my Starter Pokemon ( the Pikachu starter hack is legit, walk away from the 3 starters 4 times and they come back with a pikachu)

So making sure my phone was fully charged i got out and about, I noticed other people were also playing, at first i was shy, we would catch each others eye and grin knowingly probably both in thought ” you are playing PokemonGO too aren’t you”

Later Some people asked me if I was catching Pokemon and this was an ongoing trend, PokemonGO seems to be bringing people together, so many people I have spoken to today that i would have otherwise just walked past, and for the first time in a very long time i felt comfortable playing this MMO ( if it can be classed as that), As I noted in a previous post, I don’t like playing MMORPG games because i find them very stressful and always feel like i am being judged, but today, I felt welcome, and I felt there was a community growing between the PokemonGO players.

just as a side note, if we keep asking each other “are you playing Pokemon?” does that make us or them the NPC’s?

Have you played PokemonGo yet?
Is it out in your country?

Leave a comment about your experiences Bellow

30 days of Confidence – weekend Catch up

30 days of confidence

Doing a content challenge that requires posting everyday can be tough and it makes me admire those bloggers or content creators who do create work every single day, because life is never straight forward, but sometimes when plans do go awry, it can open up new doors for you.

This weekend I was unable to keep up with the posts due to another project that came cropping up, but it is also thanks to 30 days of confidence that I now have the confidence in myself to go forward with this project.

I am planning on creating and selling my art. this is more than just my comics which are more like doodles of my thoughts, I am selling som of my original canvas paintings.  but selling work, requires making work to sell – basic supply and demand logic , and so I have been sat creating art for the past 3 days, which has been very rewarding, but  left me so caught up in the creative process that blogging hit the sidelines.

Blog pic.jpg
Here is a sample of some of the work in progress which will be going up for sale

I have also been commissioned by another Blogger to create a guest post to feature a comic on her webpage – this is all very exciting and the first time I have created work for another blog. something I would have been afraid of doing before.

so although 30 days of confidence hasn’t been posted to for a few days, It has still had an impact this past weekend, as I have learnt to say yes to more things and belive in my self.

what have you found yourself opening up to since the beginning of 30 days of confidence – if you are stuck for Idea’s check out this list bellow – don’t forget to leave a comment :)

30 things you could try


30 Days of Confidence Day 8

30 days of confidence

Today has been a creative learning process kind of day. I have been planning to make an introductory Vlog for my year abroad video channel ( Vlog, Blog and a comic – way to overload yourself Emi)  but it is something I have wanted to do , but have been afraid of doing, because the videos I watch are so well-edited and produced, it feels that YouTube is no longer for the armature but for the professional. which is funny because I remember in those early days of youtube, all those pixellated blurry low quality videos filmed with webcams and low quality cameras put together with Windows movie maker or other default programs.

so today I braved the camera, and put together a video, editing it and playing around with it in my video editing software, before uploading it to YouTube, and discovering, to my dismay that my Camera had filmed in the wrong aspect ratio ( 4:3 instead of 16:9)  which means that the video has a black border around the edge. I tried refilming, but the naturalness of me just talking to the camera was gone and I couldn’t re-produce those same lines without it sounding scripted. so after getting the opinion of a few friends reminded me that this is 30 days of confidence, and that this month is all about embracing the goodness in imperfection. so I closed my eyes and held my breath and clicked Publish.

So here it is, the finished product.


today has been one of the hardest challenges so far.

are you joining in with 30 days of confidence?

check out some ideas of things you could try bellow

30 things you could try

30 Days Of Confidence Day 7

Je Suis Une Pomme

I am  not going crazy, and yes I know that reads I am an applethis is all part of the 30 days of confidence Challenge We are one week in already, Pretty much a quarter of a way through. and so far I have taken On new crafts, been kind to myself, journalled every day and even worked on my personal goals of trying to get my Manuscript edited.

30 days of confidence

So why Je suis une pomme – One of the challenges that I have set myself is to learn another language ( Bad Emily, you should be Studying your Japanese for Japan….) However, myself and a group of friends thought it would be fun to learn together and are setting each other little challenges but on the first day I thought I would try to remember what I knew from school ( not very much)  and I wrote J’mapple instead of J’mappelle and thus the joke of Je suis une pomme was born between us, and Hey I’m just rolling with it  – Haters gunna hate and all that.

I am Using some online apps for practice and trying to follow the guidelines for GCSE and A Level French – My Goal is to get good enough to get a qualification in the language, but at the moment, it is just me, my friends and my notebook. and that is okay. because although we are not very good yet and make many mistakes, we are having fun and building confidence in speaking out loud in another language.  So here is a little introduction to myself in french – I apologise in advance for any mistakes.

Salut, J’mappelle Emily. J’ai 23 ans. Je ne suis pas une pomme mais Je suis un blogger.
je parle japonais et anglais.  merci beaucoup pour lire mon blog.

okay, okay, I will stop now. but taking up this hobby with friends has really improved my confidence in language learning overall  ( which is good considering I am moving to Japan for a year) but also has been a good exercise in being confident in myself and helping my fear of doing something wrong.

Are you joining us for 30 days of confidence?

what challenges have you set yourself?
How far have you come in just a week? ( Make this challenge work for you! there is no set list because it is all personal but there is a list of Ideas bellow to inspire you)

don’t forget to comment and link your blog posts about your adventure so we can see how you are getting on!

30 things you could try

30 Days Of Confidence Day 6

30 days of confidence

Today has been a battle, not in terms of pushing my boundaries and bringing myself to do new things, but in a physical way. I woke up with a migraine which felt like there were fireworks going off in my head, and I found myself bound to a darkened room trying to sleep away the pain, which has left little time for me to try something new today.

But I think this serves as a good reminder

Be Kind to yourself

listen to your bodies needs sometimes you do have to stop and this isn’t a bad thing.

Be Kind to yourself

Because it is easy to forget, Because we are told otherwise, Because we watch with heavy hearts the people we love tear themselves down. Then do the very same ourselves

Be kind to yourself

You deserve Kindness. You deserve love.


30 Days of Confidence Day 5

30 days of confidence

Okay, so were 5 days in I think it is time to start to push the confidence boat out a little bit ( not too far mind)  and today I decided to try a new craft, I love making things, but there are certain crafts I just avoid just because they are tricky, or I just could not understand how to do them.

today I took my hand to the art of cross stitch, there are many pieces of cross stitch in our house that my mum has made over the years, my favourite being a fairy princess which hung in my childhood bedroom and will be pride of place one day in my own home.

But cross stitch is something that has always eluded me, partly due to my dyslexia and my difficulty in reading the chart and transferring that then onto the fabric, secondly because my hand-eye co-ordination and spacial awareness can be poor at the best of times. all traits which seem to be needed for the craft of needle point. but it is 30 days of confidence and I ought to start challenging myself more, so here is my first attempt of a shop bought pattern which I am making and will hopefully gift to my mum before I leave for japan – although at the rate I am going it is going to take me a whole year to finish it.



Forgive the crudeness of my stitches, I still haven’t quite gotten the hand of this, but hey no one is perfect and this month is all about imperfection after all. the random explosion of green is going to be a tree!

here is what the finished piece should look like once I am done according to the packet


Yikes this is going to take me a long time.

What have you done today for 30 days of confidence?

if you are stuck for idea’s why not check out the list bellow and don’t forget to comment your plans :)

30 things you could try

30 Days of Confidence Day 4

30 days of confidence


Good morning everybody!  (is it me or does saying that make you think of your primary school assembly?) it is day 4 of 30 days of confidence. what have you done so far?
Today I am focusing on some of my own personal goals for this year, and that is to finish editing my manuscript so it is ready to be sent out to agents. this is a very exciting time and I have Wandering words to bounce my Idea’s around with, she is lending me a hand in picking apart the story to find the areas that need work and motivating me get these chapters finished ( don’t tell her this but i am in a competition to see which of us can get our books published first ~ sorry Emma~)  so to put out some motivation to those of you who may be budding writers out there I am pulling a couple of tiny prompts from 642 tiny things to write about ( this is not sponsored I just really like the concept of this book, but if the author of this is reading Please? hahah!)

for those of you who want to know how I found the motivation to finish an entire manuscript – i used the pressure of Nanowrimo ( that is National novel writing month) it takes place in November and the am is to write 50,000 words in a month ( now that sounds like a lot however it works out at about 1666 words per day. and lo and behold one month later I had a 50k manuscript (which was very, very rough and still needs a lot of work doing on it) but I have been putting off the editing, and now, about 5 chapters in because I already have the frame of the manuscript to work with, it is more or less writing itself even if there are whole new sub plots in this draft (good times)

so to inspire your writing bug here are some of my favourite prompts that will hopefully make you laugh, and maybe bring you some more confidence in your writing

Write a Haiku about your favourite food

what lesson have you learnt from your favourite book

A post card arrives it was mailed 11 years ago it reads….

Write about your Job as if it was a hobby

and there are  638 other tiny prompts to write about in the book, and not to forget the full size version 642 things to write about which has completely different promts in it, there are also other writing prompt products available on the market, these are just the ones I happen to own

If you don’t feel like writing, then try something completely different, this challenge is all about you!

Stuck for Idea’s here is a list for you to check out to inspire you.

don’t forget to comment what you have been up to bellow :)

30 things you could try

30 Days of confidence Day 3

30 days of confidence

Today’s task for 30 days of confidence happened rather spontaneously and has taken up the whole day.

It has been a task I have been putting off for a while, and that is a good old fashioned de-cluttering, after all I am going to be moving away from home for a year so all my stuff is going to just be sat here waiting for me to return, and there is a rather a lot of stuff to  deal with.

things had to be sorted into “going to Japan” ,”Storage” and “trash/recycle/donate” as well as finding homes for everything you move one thing in my room and it spawns two other things.

the clutter that builds up in a house over time (often shoved into draws and boxes and forgotten about) really drags my mood down, I know I have to clear it out at some point and then I feel guilty for having not gotten around to it yet.  so to clear up my space and give it a 30 days of confidence positivity burst I have spent the day Clearing out rearranging and making my space a more enjoyable place to be.

it may be a small thing, but 30 positive little changes soon add, up

What did you do as part of your challenge today?

Has it been hard or easier than you thought?

Leave a comment bellow  and if you are stuck for Ideas check out these 30 things you could try!

30 things you could try

30 Days Of Confidence Day two

30 days of confidence.jpg

30 Days of confidence day two! Over the course of the 30 days I want to try new things and push my confidence, but this challenge is very personal and all about you, so you can do what ever you want to for it , I am just using this as a document of what I am doing ( If you are stuck for Idea’s I have a list of 30 things you could try at the bottom of this post)

Day 2: Journal every day for 30 days ~ todays challenge isn’t so much as new to me as I love creating journals writing in notebooks, bellow is just a small selection of the forest of notebooks that I have placed around my room.


However, although I love i love journaling, I often find myself neglecting to do it, periods of months will go by, and I will not have written or created anything. Personally for me I was never much good at the Dear Diary kind of journal, instead i turned more to art journals in 2009


but even over time these stood neglected on my shelves, I loved them because I started them with friends, we would put anything and everything into them and re-reading them animates a whole section of my life, it’s not just writing, but drawings and art ideas, song lyrics , poetry I wrote (I won’t share – this is the 2000’s Emo Phase) anything and everything was just stuck in written in doodled in. then we would swap books and do pages in each others journals too – so they are not just a document of my own life. but my friends lives too these are one of those things I am just going to keep forever. however, ( I have gone off track a little here sorry!) my second one I started way back in 2011 and it is only half way through and still on going.

So this months challenge is to journal everyday for 30 days. capture this life changing period between the end of the University Year and  the start of the year abroad in japan. This is a huge transition period and it will be amazing to look back and see my mood change through my art, my quotes and my writing, (if only I remember to document it)

for me this challenge is important, not only for this period of time but for next year while I am in Japan I will want to document as much as possible and not let it just slip on by. so I am thinking of it as training for japan.

Although this is not solely confidence based,journaling, ca be a really positive experience, and depending on how you journal you can sometimes even pick out trends, intrusive thoughts and negative moods and find coping mechanisms for them.

If you choose to journal this journey of 30 days of confidence  don’t forget to share bellow in the comments!

If you are not taking on the journaling challenge what are you doing today for 30 days of confidence leave a comment bellow!  ( Just keep scrolling the comment section is down there i promise)

If you are truly stuck for ideas check out this list of 30 things you could try maybe there will be something to inspire you

30 things you could try.jpg

Have a lovely confident day ~ Emi


Words and Geeks Book Club June’s (Late) Review

Word and geeks tester logo

This month has come to an end and caught me off guard, so here is this months review for The Girl of Ink of Stars by  Kiran Millwood Hargrave

girl of ink.jpg

I have been up and down with this book for the past month, I was so hyped at its beauty and the idea of the story, but the story overall just did not gel with me at all. However, i am not seeing this as a negative, I think this book is designed for a younger audience, and I think this book would gel with its given audiance. I struggled in parts to keep going finding myself unable to relate to the characters.which was a shame because I loved the idea’s that the book itself presented the role of a cartographer was a brilliant idea and i would have love to see more books using unusual roles, the fantasy that had been created within the book, and the folklore sounded fascinating and i would love to see written the stories of the land.

I think one of the hardest parts of this book for me was finding the characters motives believable in certain parts, especially towards the end. (no spoilers) and that was what dragged down the score of this whimsical book.

This book wasn’t perfect, but it was still good, I think it deserves 3 out of 5 stars

Join us for this months book club where we will be reading One by Sarah Crossan